Zurich Airport Police, Security Control Division

Zurich Airport Police, one main department of Zurich State Police, is responsible for all police duties at Zurich Airport (ZRH), Switzerland. The Security Control Division is responsible for controlling passengers, hold- and cabin baggage, crews, staff, airfreight and airmail. It's strategic aim is to provide security, based on comprehensive training, considering all involved aspects, such as:

  • human factor (motivation, attitude, mental and physical prerequisites)
  • perceptible leadership and effective communication
  • comprehensive familiarization with a sophisticated technical environment, as well as with organisational means
  • Perception and recognition of faces and objects.

It ensures that national and international regulations are strictly followed and that additional measures are taken where necessary.

Since 2000, there exists a very close collaboration with University of Zurich, Visual Cognition Research Group (VICOREG). This ensures scientifically based quality standards in risk analysis, quality control activities as well screener performance assessment. Zurich Airport Police, Security Control Division is a "silent partner" in the VIA-project.

Specific role as "silent partner" in the project:

  • Providing knowledge on pre-employment and screener competency assessment, adaptive computer-based training (CBT) and the deployment of adaptive threat image projection (aTIP)
  • Providing a platform to conduct studies investigating the effectiveness of CBT and aTIP
  • Valorisation activities

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