Max Planck Institute

The promoter and contractor Max Planck Institute Tübingen (MPI) is one of the 80 independently organized research facilities of the Max Planck Society that carry out research in the interests of the general public. It is one of the world leading institutes on human performance research. Since 1993, the thematic focus of the institute has been directed toward the elucidation of cognitive processes and human performance. The Cognitive and Computational Psychophysics Department contains about 50 biologists, computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists and psychologists.

The MPI project leader, Dr. Adrian Schwaninger has more than 20 publications in the field of aviation security human factors and more than 70 invited lectures and presentations on selection, training and competency assessment of aviation security screeners. In addition, the MPI has long-lasting experience with the dissemination and exploitation of knowledge as a result of European research projects. Currently it is coordinator or partner in 10 projects running under the fifth and sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission.
Specific role in the project:

  • Project lead;
  • On job assessment practices review;
  • Development and enhancement of pre-employment tests;
  • Development of on job competency assessment tests;
  • Development of reference levels framework in collaboration with ASC.

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