European Aviation Security Training Institute

The European Aviation Security Training Institute (EASTI) is a joint venture between ICAO, ECAC and their Member States. It is established by a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ICAO and the Belgian Government and organized on a non-commercial basis. Courses are open to government officials and participants from the airport and airline Industry.

Its instructors are leading experts on aviation security, generously made available by ICAO, ECAC and EU, their Member States and non-governmental international organizations including ACI, IATA, AEA, IFALPA, EEA and UPU. During its 8 years of existence, EASTI catered for a wide range of ICAO courses and ECAC workshops, 75 in total. Since 2003 EASTI equally closely cooperates with the European Union.

Specific role in the project:

  • Validation of the test packages;
  • Review of the assessment and pre-employment tests and selection practices;
  • Providing e-learning platform for conducting the pre-employment assessment tests;
  • Exploitation and dissemination of the project results.

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