Together with the tremendous growth of civil aviation in the last decades, the importance of aviation security has dramatically increased. Despite of large technological progress in X-ray imaging such as high-resolution image quality and image enhancement features, the final decision whether a luggage piece will enter an aircraft or not is always made by a human operator. Therefore, human factors are still the essential key element in aviation security worldwide. Even if no technological equipment will replace human operators from the X-ray screening task in the near future, EU audits and covert tests have sometimes shown serious operational deficiencies at the checkpoints.

Aviation Security X-Ray Screener Selection

Pre-Employment Assessment

This document concentrates on how aviation security can be largely improved by selecting the right people for X-ray screening tasks. Selection, or Pre-Employment Assessment (PEA), is one of the three main pillars of our integrative approach addressing the occurrence of operational deficiencies at the security checkpoints.

Aviation Security X-Ray Screener Certification

Competency assessment underpins the workforce certification process. The main aim of certification procedures is to ensure that adequate standards in aviation security are consistently and reliably achieved. Certification can be regarded as providing important information on strengths and weaknesses in aviation security procedures in general as well as on each individual screener.

Training of X-Ray Image Interpretation Competency in Aviation Security

A screener needs to detect a threat item within a few seconds. This can be a challenge when the shape of a threat object in an x-ray image is not similar to previously encountered objects. Therefore training of knowledge-based and also image-based factors are very important since the last decision is always made by the human operator. Training is essential to achieve and maintain a consistent, reliable, and effective recognition of threat objects in x-ray screening.

The VIA Project Special Offer to Obtain Pre-Employment Assessment Tools and Certification Tests for free

funded by the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Programme

We are very happy to announce that we can offer our X-Ray Image Interpretation Pre-Employment and Competency Assessment Tools to a wide interest group for free. However, our tests and documentation package contains security sensitive information. Therefore, our offer is restricted to National Appropriate Authorities (e.g. civil aviation administrations) and certified (Aviation) Security Companies.

X-Ray Image Interpretation Competency Assessment Package

The shipped Aviation Security X-Ray Image Interpretation Competency Assessment package comprises:

  • The image presentation software PCQuest

  • With its corresponding Result Viewer software

  • Three selected, scientifically approved X-Ray Image Competency Assessment Tests, as there are:

  • The X-Ray Object Recognition Test (X-Ray ORT) − a Pre-Employment Assessment Tool for Aviation Security Screeners

  • The X-Ray Competency Assessment Test for Cabbin Baggage Screening (X-Ray CAT CBS) − an X-ray screener Certification Tool

  • The X-Ray Competency Assessment Test for Hold Baggage Screening (X-Ray CAT HBS) − an X-ray screener Certification Tool especially designed to assess threat detection performance regarding improvised explosive devices (IEDs)

  • extensive documentation for each of the tests

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