The partnership combines the sectoral expertise of the industry (ASC and airports) with the regulators (Ministries) and educational perspective (EASTI) and the necessary scientific background for measuring human performance and competences (MPI).

Each of the main partners (ASC, Ministries, EASTI) has associated airport partners, which are related politically and geographically (ASC: Bulgarian and Romanian airports; BMI: airports of Berlin and Stuttgart; EASTI: Brussels airport). A solid basis for success is the fact that several partners (BMI, EASTI, airports of Berlin, Stuttgart and Brussels) have conducted or are currently conducting projects with MPI project leader Prof. Dr. Adrian Schwaninger.

This partnership ensures that knowledge that at first will be tested by focused national collaborations (Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany and Romania), later on will be provided as a new standard to users throughout Europe. The new knowledge on human factors and enhancement of human capabilities, which will be the result of the studies of MPI, will directly be implemented in training and test programmes for the screeners (users) at the associated airport partners.

Feedback from user groups will be taken up by MPI interactively to improve training and test procedures. Then, the improved procedures might be taken up by partner EASTI to provide a web-based test standard for screeners all around Europe.

Following a decision of the project Steering Committee, VIA Project has been opened for new partners willing to join the partnership and to benefit the project activities and results.

Recently, three new partners signed their letters of intent and contracts with the project Contractor - Max Planck Institute, Germany:

  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol;
  • Zurich Airport Police; and
  • University of Zurich, General Psychology (Cognition) Institute.

After the finalization of the relevant contract amendment procedure with the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency, VIA project partnership will represent:

  • 6 Countries;
  • 10 Airports;
  • 3 Institutes; and
  • 4 Other Governmental and Private Organisations.
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