A variety of advanced software tools with proven efficiency at airports in Europe, Canada, and the USA will be used throughout the VIA PROJECT life cycle.

In addition VIA PROJECT itself aims at development of:

Selection tools
These tools will be focused on the recognition, at selection stage, of the level to which the key and specific competences are developed in the pre-employment environment. For example, one of them will test the general capability of people to detect objects reliably and quickly in x-ray images of passenger bags even if rotated or superimposed by other objects.

Tools for on job competency assessment
These tools will be performance oriented, focused on the learning outcomes expected after periods of formal training and/or work place experience. The tests will facilitate the process of recognition of the specified standard of knowledge, skills and wider competences for different qualification levels. These tools will provide a case study for development of a secure test system that would serve not only the assessment of concrete competencies but also the process of competency definition review and update.

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