Airport Security Clearance

Airport Security Clearance (ASC) is Bulgarian company, specializing in the aviation security services. Established in year 2001 the company offers quality security training and expert consultancy. The experts of the company and the contracted trainers are covering the most important spheres of the aviation security industry. ASC has four main divisions in its structure: Training Centre (training and qualification); Mobile Security (security screening for the aviation industry); Intellectual Products (regulatory and guidance documents); and Consultancy (expertise and support of the aviation regulators and the industry).

ASC combines experienced personal (administrative and trainers), with a different specialities and spheres of expertise and professional experience. These include management of projects under ISPA and PHARE; organisation of multilateral aviation security and safety workshops as well as a Bank-security conference. ASC is working in close collaboration with appropriate authorities and service providers, at the same time being screening service provider itself.

Specific role in the project:

  • Project management and coordination;
  • Reviews of exploration phase
  • Development of the reference levels framework in collaboration with MPI.

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