Work Packages

The work programme is sub-divided into 8 work-packages:
WP 1Project management (throughout the project's life cycle)
WP 2Review on pre-employment training practices (month 3 to month 7)
WP 3Review on selection and on job competency assessment practices (month 3 to month 7)
WP 4On job competency assessment using specific human-machine interaction measurement tools (month 1 to month 18)
WP 5Pre-employment assessment tests (month 4 to month 13)
WP 6Competency assessment tests (month 6 to month 13)
WP 7Reference levels framework (month 14 to month 21)
WP 8Valorisation activities (throughout the project's life cycle)

The total number of staff days dedicated to fulfilment of the work packages' task is over 4500.

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