Quality Assurance

The VIA PROJECT work plan pays special attention to the quality management, as the quality of both the project implementation and project results are essential for the overall success of the project.

Quality assurance of the main tangible project results is addressed by the intensive involvement of the target groups (security screeners) and even the potential users - as an additional external evaluation public - in testing of different formats, through which feedback will be collected, then processed and reflected in the final versions of the products.
Both internal and external evaluations are planned. The external evaluator is subcontracted to independently judge the quality of the main project results and to provide recommendations. This includes formative (project life-span) and summative (at the end of the project) evaluation.
Internal Evaluation Interim Report is available here for download.
The Quality management structure symmetrically presents the quality management activities, indicating two sets of criteria against which the project performance (the process) and the quality of the results (the products) will be measured, namely:

  • performance criteria (allowing to assess the quality of the project management and implementation); and
  • output criteria (allowing assessing the quality of the project results including valorisation related impacts).
Management structure to insure quality of the project activities:

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